Meet our new controllers Smart and Smart PRO

Our specialist Magdalena show you the most intresting function of new controllers


Getting started

Quick Note

Quick Change

Alarm Bar


Adding new program


Intuitive and comfortable using

Touch screens Smart and Smart pro provide comfortable using each laboratory devices

Smart Pro - large readable color display

large (7”), clear, full colour touch screen

quick change of parameters of laboratory devices

quick Change of parameters: temperature, humidity, time, air flab and fan

 thermostatic devices - event log

event registry

 multi-segment time-temperature profile

multi-segment time and temperature programs

 Viewing measurement data in laboratory refrigerators

overview of data in tabular and graphic form

 sound and visual signaling of laboratory devices

visual and sound alarm

smart pro controller - summary of the created program

new program summary

 smart pro controller for pol-eco-aparatura production - main menu view

one of the window of main menu

 SMART controllers - register of open door alarms

open door alarm registry

Icon based controller

We created over 150 types of icons to make your work more comfortable ad easy. It also makes the Smart PRO controller entirely intuitive

icons of the smart & smart PRO controller

Thermostatic equipments

Check out the wide range of devices offered by POL-EKO-APARATURA with Smart and Smart PRO controllers