We are pleased to announce that since February all the devices equipped with Smart and Smart PRO controller will be available with new functions. The updates are the result of the work of our IT department in cooperation with the sales department, which has direct contact with the customer.

qick program smart

Quick Program

Among the most important changes is the Quick Program option available for both Smart and Smart PRO controllers. Quick Program allows you to quickly start the program from the home screen position without having to enter and create a menu. After switching on the device (and logging in Smart PRO version), a symbol will be available on the main screen, which will enable you to switch on the program after setting the temperature (optional fan, fireplace depending on your model of device). The program is started in continuous mode with lower and upper temperature protection (-10°C/+10°C). The Quick Change option is available during the program.

The SMART program has several features that guarantee its uninterrupted performance

  • the program is always set to infinity;
  • If the display fails, the program continues;
  • After the power supply is resumed (after its loss), the program continues;
  • To prevent the program from stopping accidentally, the STOP button was removed from the main window (stopping the program was intentionally made difficult. It is necessary to enter the device menu, then the programs window and hold the STOP button for 5 seconds).

Upper menu expandable

An important change is the introduction in the Smart PRO controller of a drop-down bar from the menu that can be configured. After swiping your finger down you will see options that you can quickly change by dragging and changing the icons. Among the options available in the bar we will find:

  • Quick Note (available from February in the top drop-down menu bar),
  • Quick Change,
  • segment time elapsed or remained
  • set temperature,
  • extra humidity sensor reading (optional),
  • mute option
mute screen

Mute Option

Another change available for Smart PRO controllers is the mute option, i. e. temporary switching off of sound alarms e. g. to avoid an open door alarm when the load is scheduled to be loaded into the chamber. Mute is available for 5, 10 and 15 minutes.

Other changes

It is worth noting that among the changes there will be small but important issues such as:

  • changing the time zone will not change the date/time in the data and events previously stored (available for Smart and Smart PRO)
  • after the program ends, a message will be displayed (the end of the program within the schedule will not be displayed, the message will be displayed after the whole schedule ends) (available for Smart and Smart PRO)
  • new languages are available – Portuguese and Ukrainian (available for Smart and Smart PRO)
  • RS 422/485 interface (available for Smart PRO)

More information about news in Smart and Smart PRO controllers can be found on the dedicated website

Changes in the LabDesk software

Changes in the LabDesk software that will appear in the program from February are

  • possibility to change the configuration of the device (e. g. alarms, corrections) from the application level
  • user editing from the application (e. g. user name, password, allocated program limit, account type)
  • possibility to load the program offline in the same devices (differing only in serial number)
    Having several identical devices with the same configuration (temperature range, light settings, etc.) you only need to download the configuration file on one of them to your flash drive. On its basis it is possible to create offline programs for all devices (previously it was necessary to download a configuration file on a flash drive on each device and on its basis create an offline program for a specific device)